Battles for the Unification of the Rifle معارك توحيد البندقية

توحيد البندقيةAnother of my original designs for “China”, a project by Raed Yassin about the Lebanese civil war. This was my favorite because I got to focus on portraiture. It was also the last one I drew, so I was a bit more comfortable with the style by then.

Ink on paper, 150 cm x 70 cm (click on image to enlarge)


8 Comments on “Battles for the Unification of the Rifle معارك توحيد البندقية”

  1. rasha says:

    didn’t understand the contents of the bubbles? especially the one on the left

    • The bubbles represent the two locations that the battles took place: the left one is Safra, the town by the sea where the Lebanese Forces attacked Dany Chamoun, while the one on the right represents Zghorta where Franjieh lived

    • rasha says:

      Is this an ironic description of Unifying the Riffle as in rather than being unified, each leader went on an opposite direction or its just a literal demonstration of what happened? Final question please

      • It is both. This is a design for a vase, so since the 2 leaders go in opposite directions, they meet face to face on the other side of the vase, pointing their guns at each other, and this foreshadows the conflict that happened between them a few years later. The title was given to these 2 battles because the Lebanese forces were stripping all other christian militias of their weapons, in order to be the only ones with weapons themselves

  2. rasha says:

    sorry i am late but thank you very much 🙂

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