Other Things I’m Doing in Paris

Part 3: The Forest

This is a page from the comic I am working on for my l’Association residency. I’m doing it in a Miniature style, similar to my China vase designs. This story also takes place in the Tareq el Khurafi universe.

Click the image to enlarge and see more details

(excuse the low quality photo, I don’t have a scanner with me at the moment)

Ink and gouache on paper, 42 cm x 60 cm



Samandal 15 Release Party Tonight!

Oscar 90'sOscar Nieymeyer as an old man, from my editorial in Samanadal 15, being released tonight at the Mansion, Zkak ek Blatt, Beirut, at 7 pm. Here is the link to the Facebook event:


There will also be a number of hand made silkscreen books and prints, the results of workshop given by Barrack Rima, for sale at the event, along with Tshirts, comics, snacks and drinks. Go enjoy!

Places I Know 4

Day Four: Anvers

Places I Know 3

Day Three: Les Ardennes

Places I Know 2

Day Two: Charleroi

Places I Know 1

Day One: Brussels