Birthday Self(ie)Portrait

birthdayQsClick the image to magnify

Gouache on paper, 4.5 cm x 6 cm painting on 26 cm x 36 cm paper




JamieGouache on cotton etching paper

50 cm x 70 cm

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Triptych: The Three Witches

Triptych1or Once the Captain is Gone

Gouache on paper, 78cm x 36cm

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Kaizoku Ndz

KaizokuMy very own Pirate Empress.

Gouache on paper, 26 cm x 36 cm

Paintings 2013: Khaled

khaled1Gouache on paper, 30 cm x 42 cm

Paintings 2013: NIDAL

NDZ For the first time, this was done in gouache but on Canvas, instead of the usual paper.

45 cm x 60 cm