Paris: The Final Day

Day61 28/03/13

In the plane before take-off,


Gouache on paper, 42 cm x 60 cm


Paris: Day60 27/03/13

In the dressing rooms at Sandro stock,

Nidale in the right stall, me in the left

Gouache on paper, 30 cm x 42 cm


Paris: Day59 26/03/13

My baby is back,

At our favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Belleville.

Gouache on paper, 30 cm x 42 cm

(click image for details)


Paris: Day58 25/03/13

Where it all began 20 years ago…

Pantheon, Foyer Franco-Libanais, Rue Mouffetard…

Gouache on paper, 30 cm x 42 cm

(This one is all about the details; click the image to zoom in)



Paris: Day57 24/03/13

Pouring the paint straight out of cups, no brushes. This had 2 consequences:

1- Discovered that when you add a thick layers of Gouache on top of a dry layer, the paint cracks and falls off!

2- I put so much paint on the paper that it took forever to dry. So long, in fact, that it still had puddles of wet paint when I had to pack my suitcases to leave 4 days later! In order to transport it back to Beirut, I had to smush a blank paper on top of it. Here are the results.

Gouache on paper, 30 cm x 42 cm (each)

(Click the images to zoom in for tasty details)


London: Day56 23/03/13

Victoria line to King’s Cross

Acrylic on paper, 30 cm x 42 cm